Review: Divergent

Some teen-focused films turn out to be wonderful entertainment for all ages in the audience, like the extraordinary 8-film Harry Potter series and, to a lesser extent, The Hunger Games movies. Then there are films that only a teen can love, like the ghastly Twilight series. I couldn’t even finish watching the first film in that series, though, so I don’t know, they might have gotten dramatically better as the series progressed. Maybe. Divergent is…Read More

Review: Contagion

There are specific genres of films, certain themes, that I find highly appealing, and one of those is apocolyptic events. From the daft The Happening to the cheesy The Day After Tomorrow, if the world’s ending, if we’re all facing extinction as a species, if something really terrible is going to happen, I’m interested. I think this started with classic old sci-fi like The Day of the Triffids and The Day the Earth Caught Fire,…Read More