Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

The new movie The Amazing Spider-Man is built on a really good script, an origin story reboot of everyone’s favorite spider/teen hybrid, Peter Parker. We’ve seen this story on the big screen plenty of times now, and this big-budget film stars a moody, sensitive Andrew Garfield in the title role, with cute – but smart! – Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Peter’s love interest. Reboots are always a challenge and doubly-so when they’re explaining how…Read More

Review: The Way

There’s no more essential story than that of the Hero’s Journey, and when you combine that with a tale of redemption and spiritual awakening, you should have all the ingredients necessary for a moving, powerful film. That was what Emilio Estevez undoubtedly had in mind when he adapted, directed and gave himself a key role in the film The Way. The titular Way refers to El Camino de Santiago, an ancient 800km pilgrimage from France…Read More

Review: Love Happens

Imagine having a tragic loss and coping with that by writing a heartfelt journal that, through a series of coincidences, turns into a national best selling book on dealing with grief. Before you know it, you find yourself a self-help guru running workshops throughout the United States, even as you still have a niggling feeling that you haven’t really dealt with all the emotions related to the loss itself. That’s the situation that Burke Ryan,…Read More