Review: Oblivion

I knew going into the theater that Oblivion starred Tom Cruise. It’s hard to miss. And there’s something about Cruise movies, something about the fact that he’s in every single scene and that whether he’s supposed to be part of a team (as in the Mission: Impossible series) or otherwise, it’s always narcissistically All About Tom. So there’s that. Then there are problems with the storyline itself. I won’t spoil it but the trailers to…Read More

Review: Conviction

Conviction should have been a good film: after her beloved ne’er-do-well brother is convicted of murder in a tiny hick town, it’s up to his devoted sister to exonerate him, first through the system and then by going to law school and becoming a one-client attorney. Better yet, it’s ‘based on a true story”, though how accurately the film reflects the actual situation is unclear. What is clear is that instead of delivering a touching…Read More