Review: Fantastic Four (2015)

Something weird has happened… Because no one, whom I know personally, said that the newest Fantastic Four movie was any good, at all, I subsequently avoided it like the plague. Much like I did, for so long, with Halle Berry’s Catwoman (2004). When I finally *did* see Catwoman, I was quite disappointed, and wished I had listened to my friends who said it was worth overlooking, as it was. You see The Fantastic Four is…Read More

Review: Fantastic Four

I have fond memories of The Fantastic Four from when I used to read the comic books as a child. A fun group of superheroes with the gruff Ben Grimm and wisecracking Johnny Storm, all led by the nerdy, egotistical Reed Richards, balanced out by Sue Storm. They did the usual superhero stuff of traveling the world, defeating bad guys and having a good time. Sounds a lot like Guardians of the Galaxy or Ant-Man,…Read More

Review: Chronicle

When a high school loser gains superpowers through an encounter with a mysterious crystalline structure, will it help him become happy, popular and successful or will it amplify his dark side and give his anger an outlet so he can lash out against his hurtful world, gradually increasing in power until nothing can stop him and he goes on a rampage?  That’s the concept behind Chronicle, but the film ends up an all-too-predictable formula film…Read More