Review: Lazer Team

Watch enough movies and you realize that not every film project is serious, not every director sees themselves walking on stage to accept the Best Picture award and not every cinematographer sees themselves as “painting with light and shadows” to create a new and unique vision for audiences. Some films are just good enough, and the best of those end up becoming far more popular years after they’re released than on opening weekend. In the science-fiction realm,…Read More

Review: The Candy Snatchers

What if a gang of thugs kidnapped a child but when they presented their ransom demands found out to their great surprise that the parents didn’t care and didn’t particularly like the child? In fact, they’re fine with the kidnappers turning into murderers, but the criminals don’t want to kill anyone, just get rid of the kid as fast as they can and get the money. That’s the storyline of the rather daft cult film The…Read More