Review: Micmacs

Jean-Pierre Jeunet hasn’t directed many films, but they’ve all been terrific, distinctive, and stylish. Two you’ll hopefully have enjoyed already are The City of Lost Children and the weird Amélie. With Micmacs (original title Micmacs à tire-larigot) Jeunet moves into comedy with his signature quirkiness and the result is delightful and hilarious. The story revolves around misfit Bazil (an appealingly simple Dany Boon), who grows up in a wealthy, but fatherless house: his father has…Read More

Review: Splice

Horror films are supposed to be scary and fill you with foreboding, fear and then the elation of the protagonist having survived a frightening situation. A good horror film is an adrenaline rush, an emotional roller coaster that can be surprisingly fun. Unfortunately, Splice is none of these things, and when you finally get to the scary scene, it’s about ten minutes from the end of the film, after a build-up that left me bored…Read More