Review: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Like many film fans, I have a love/hate relationship with Tom Cruise. He’s been in a lot of great movies, but he’s also one of the most narcissistic people in Hollywood, and that’s saying something in an industry where just about everyone spends more time gazing in the mirror than anything else. Even with the Mission: Impossible movies, based on a beloved TV series from my childhood, the same problem has surfaced. Certainly Mission: Impossible…Read More

Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Groundhog Day is the first film I can recall seeing that mined the humor in a temporal glitch. Phil (Bill Murray) lives through the same day time and again, gradually learning how to maneuver through the inevitable obstacles to achieve the requisite happy ending. Amusing as that film is, however, there’s a depth to the premise that’s ignored. Enter the amazing film Inception. Now, to be fair, Inception isn’t about a temporal glitch as much as it is…Read More

Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

I didn’t much like The Wolf of Wall Street, finding it a story of unbridled excess with no redemption. It might be based on truth, it might even be completely accurate in its portrayal of Jordan Belfort and his exploits, but I felt like I’d watched something rather pornographic rather than a film exploring the excesses of 90’s Wall Street. A better film exploring the same topic, also starring Leonardo DiCaprio, was 2013’s underrated The Great…Read More

Review: Oblivion

I knew going into the theater that Oblivion starred Tom Cruise. It’s hard to miss. And there’s something about Cruise movies, something about the fact that he’s in every single scene and that whether he’s supposed to be part of a team (as in the Mission: Impossible series) or otherwise, it’s always narcissistically All About Tom. So there’s that. Then there are problems with the storyline itself. I won’t spoil it but the trailers to…Read More

What are the best films based on TV series?

A guest article… For sheer entertainment value a movie is hard to beat, and some of the best films of recent years are inspired by popular TV series. Familiar characters and settings are given expanded plots, better effects and higher production values to create a cinematic experience with instant appeal to a ready-made audience. And with an LED TV from Argos, you can enjoy the magic of the big screen in the comfort of your…Read More