All About Dave Taylor, Single Dad

Thanks for clicking the link to learn more about me! You can read about my technical accomplishments and professional interests elsewhere on the Web, but first and foremost in my heart is my personal life and my relationship with my children. That’s why I write about parenting.

Of course, with three kids ranging from 14 to 21 (at least as I write this, I know that I will inevitably forget to update this each time there’s a birthday in the family), it’s pretty darn hard not to think about parenting! And did I mention that I’m a single dad who has my kids over half the time? Oy vey! 🙂

I also write about my ex – the children’s mother — and our post-divorce life here (we divorced in late 2008) , mostly in terms of how it has impacted our children and what I am doing, or trying to do, to help them do the best they can and have the best, most enjoyable and most valuable childhoods that they can in the midst of what is certainly a suboptimal environment within which to raise them.

Having said that, I will also say that there are an extraordinary number of single parents and people who are in their second or third marriage, with kids, and they have lots of great insight and ideas about how to get through the tough times and enjoy the great ones, as do couples who are still in their first marriage and are doing great together both as partners and as parents raising one or more children. More power to ya! Please do share your secrets so I can learn from ’em.

A quick note too: it sucks being a divorced single dad. Let me be straight about that here too. It’s not a bed of roses, it’s not a chance to suddenly cat around again and find lots of younger women to be intimate with because you have more purchasing power or are higher up on the economic food chain. (well, maybe it is for some guys, but I haven’t met one yet).

Divorce and single parenting is tough however you slice it, and I think it’s even more difficult for men because our culture assumes women are naturally good mothers while men have to struggle to be involved and good fathers. That’s some of what I write about too and if you’re in this boat then, brother, your input is very, very welcome, even if it’s just your own frustration with the hand that life’s dealt you at this point.

Finally, you’ll notice that I don’t have recognizable photos of my children on my blog and I don’t mention them by name, just by first initial. Call me paranoid, but while I am an active daddy blogger, I’m also concerned about the privacy and safety of my children and family. As a result, don’t be offended if you invite us somewhere and we decline to join you.

Thanks for reading this.

Dave T.

ps: Want to reach me? Please email me or call me at (720) 432-0008, and I’ll be happy to talk with you.