Nitrogen Infused Cold Brew Coffee. At Home!

I’ve written about some of the delicious coffees from King’s Row Coffee in the past, so when they announced they were going to be moving into the cold brew space and were going to be shipping cans of cold brew coffee that was nitrogen infused, well, I wanted to try it! They shipped a sample box my way and upon receipt I promptly tossed it into the back of the fridge for a day: it’s…Read More

Are The Thor: Ragnarok Blu-Ray Extras Worth Watching?

As the world moves increasingly digital, it’s hard to get excited about buying a physical disc and figuring out storage for any but your very favorite movies. Streaming can also be crystal clear, in full HD or even 4K, and it’s just about always cheaper than a physical product. Better yet, a streaming solution through iTunes or similar is faster and more convenient too, less than 60 seconds between deciding you really want to go…Read More

Film Review: Tomb Raider

There’s a curse surrounding movies based on video games. Try as they might, studios can’t quite seem to translate the fun and interactive nature of a good video game, whether it’s something as simple as Pac-Man [see the daft film Pixels] or more complex stories like Max Payne or Postal, into a compelling and entertaining cinematic experience. One of the few exceptions was the original Tomb Raider film, starring Angelina Jolie as the hero of…Read More

What Kind of Sports Fan Am I?

I’m a loyal Tottenham Hotspur fan. If you’ve hung around me long enough, you’ve heard me talking about my Spurs, a soccer team in the English Premier League. Right now they’re #3 in the whole league, which is comprised of the 20 best soccer teams in the British Isles. Why the Spurs? Family history, actually: I was born in their area of London, my Dad supported the team and attended games – even as a…Read More

Board Game Review: The Primary

So you want to be a politician, wade into the swamp and clean things up. After all, unlike every politician before you, you’re the one who is going to actually Get Things Done and remain true to your ideals and values. You’ll represent your constituency and be a shining example of why our nation is great. You just need to get elected first. And that’s where things get difficult, and is the theme behind the…Read More

Film Review: “A Wrinkle in Time”

There are classic young adult stories that are deep, complicated and expand your mind. They’re perfect for the adolescent set and a good read for adults too. Then there are books in this category that become popular because they bring up an important theme, but in a superficial and shallow manner. They’re good books too, of course, but most adults tend to find them tedious and obvious both. Madeleine L’Engle’s classic A Wrinkle in Time is…Read More

Friday, Solo Card Game: Reviewed

There are a lot of games in the board game world that are designed to be multiplayer and have a solo mode retrofit. Often it’s a highly simplistic simulation of another human player with randomness added through dice rolls, card decks, or similar. A few games are designed specifically to be just for solo gaming, however, and one of the best and most popular is Friday, from game designer Friedemann Friese. His big hit is…Read More

Bowling Is Oddly Popular In My Family…

When I grew up, we went bowling maybe once every few years and I was, of course, horrible at the game. If there was a prize for gutter balls, I suspect I would have been in the running at any alley we attended. Then along came the Nintendo Wii with its terrific bowling simulator and that turned out to be super popular with my kids, particularly the practice bowling areas where you could watch the…Read More

Fire of Eidolon Game: Solo Play Review

My buddy Chris turned me on to Fire of Eidolon, a simple dungeon crawler game that’s easy to explain and great fun to play. It supports 1-6 players and is budget priced, even with a ton of expansion options and alternative challenges, tokens, squares, and more. At its most basic you’re wandering through a dungeon, exploring as you go, trying to collect Tokens of Power so you can destroy the three Relics of Power. Once…Read More

Film Review: Annihilation

Most genre films are trapped in their formula, a sequence of tropes and cliches that leave you confident you understand what’s about to happen next and unsurprised by the Big Twist ending. Science fiction is no different, and there are so many films that take place in a future that’s ripped right out of Blade Runner or on a space station “inspired” by Alien or in the midst of an epic space battle that’s just…Read More

The Big New World of a Public High School

I went to a public school throughout my childhood, K-12, though my ex was at a rather elite prep private school for her childhood. Two very different experiences. When our oldest began her own journey through schooling, we agreed that we’d like to do something different and enrolled her in a Waldorf School. Actually the Santa Cruz Waldorf School because at the time we were living in the Santa Cruz Mountains above Silicon Valley (and…Read More

Meeting the Boyfriend / Girlfriend…

One thing that’s hard to wrap your head around as a parent to young ‘uns is that someday you’ll be with your child and not their friend or BFF, but their boyfriend/girlfriend. At seven, a “girlfriend” is innocuous, but as they grow up and hit those teen years, well, the stakes go up and the chance for getting into serious trouble increases. To make things more complicated, we live in a highly sexualized society where…Read More

Game Review: Sakura by Osprey Games

There’s a continuum of game designs ranging from total strategy with zero randomness to completely random where strategy and tactics are pointless. For the former, chess and go are good examples, and for the latter a game like craps or Killer Bunnies demonstrate that fun can be had even when things aren’t predictable. Landing somewhere in the middle is a lovely new game from Osprey Games called Sakura. Sakura means “cherry blossom” and that defines…Read More

DVD Extras Review: “Blade Runner 2049”

I’ll admit it, I loved Blade Runner 2049. It’s no surprise, I think the original dark Ridley Scott movie Blade Runner is one of the best sci-fi films ever made and even when it was released loved its grit and texture, the surprisingly lyrical dialog and the imaginative noir-inspired sets and setting. And I’m not alone; it’s clear how much Blade Runner inspired the genre every time another movie or TV show — like Altered…Read More

Rebuilding my Hallway Video Set, Behind the Scenes

I’ve really jumped into the world of video in a big way and my YouTube channel – AskDaveTaylor – now has over 8500 subscribers and I’ve uploaded and shared over 500 videos. Mostly their product reviews of consumer electronics gadgets, but along the way I’ve also picked up a bunch of commercial clients and do video work for companies big and small too. Some of them I’m in the kitchen, in my car or even…Read More