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Like most parents, I figured that I was basically done with math, algebra, geometry and the like when I finally escaped college. Yeah, I’d need to occasionally calculate a discount or balance a checkbook ledger, but that’s what spreadsheets are for. Solving for ‘x’? Figuring out the slope of a differential? Calculating volume of a 3d equation? No real need for that in real life, eh?

Until I got stuck with the role of tutor for my children in their various classes. English, history, government, economics, all really easy as I’m interested in those topics, read books about them and even attend lectures. Yes, as someone out of school I still go to lectures. All good. Except for that math thing.

Which is why I’m appreciative to have learned about the online site iPracticeMath, which offers online lessons, printable worksheets and interactive online exams for math across a wide variety of grades, as highlighted on its home page:

ipracticemath free math tutorials worksheets exams tests

Dig in a bit and there’s lots to unveil.

Math worksheets table of contents. Quite a range of topics!

math worksheets

You can also pick a specific grade along the top to reveal what subset of content is relevant to that grade in a typical school setting.

I chose “6th Grade” since that’s the grade my 11yo is in and here’s what was highlighted:

6th grade math topics algebra geometry fractions decimals

That might be a bit small, so I can tell you it’s listing algebra, two-variable expressions, expression simplification, division of two variables and evaluating multi-variable expressions. Some of which I barely remember, which makes it tricky for me to help my daughter with these topics!

The quizzes are somewhat stark, but still offer good practice, like this one on simplifying algebraic expressions:

simplify algebra algebraic equation interactive quiz

Okay now, simplify 2(14x+x) now. What’s your answer?

There are lots of tutorial worksheets too, if you’re so inclined:

free downloadable interactive algebra math worksheets

And, finally, printable worksheets too:

free printable math algebra equation worksheet

All in all, I found iPracticeMath a pretty useful site, though the way that they’ve rather half-heartedly implemented the grade scale is frustrating: Click on a grade and then a topic like “Learn” or “Worksheets” and you’ll find that the grade selection doesn’t “stick” and you’re looking at the same screen you would if you’d simply gone straight to worksheets. I’d also like to see it more clearly broken out into learning, printable practice sheets, and online quizzes.

Sites like this are particularly useful if you’re in the homeschool community, but they also show that you can’t just say “learn it online” and leave you child to their own devices. There’s still an interactive — human — component to effective learning for most children, so I’m sorry to say, you’re still going to need at least some rudimentary knowledge of math if you’ve got kids. 🙂

Disclaimer: iPracticeMath paid a small fee for me to write this piece about the online site and service. It hasn’t affected my judgment or candor, however, as is obvious.

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