Fun with the LEGO Brick Builders Club

lego brick builders club - brickswag - the boxI really like LEGO building blocks, and have done since I was a kid. All three of my children have had various LEGO sets and kits through their childhoods and while there have been bursts of interest, I’ve always been a bit disappointed that none of them really got into it. Heck, I’ve sat and chatted with more than one Master Builder from LEGO and am still convinced that’s one of the cooler jobs in the world, being paid to make things out of an infinite supply of LEGO.

The problem with having a child that’s really into LEGO is that you do end up having to buy a lot of fairly expensive sets as the bricks have become increasingly specialized and if they’re into the space themed sets, you can’t really give them a pirate kit and expect things to work out smoothly. Well, then again, kids who have good imaginations can probably figure out how to incorporate even the most unlikely sets, but generally I think they like to stay with a particular theme for their collection.

But here’s the good news: there’s now a club you can join — or you can sign your child up for! — called the Brick Builders Club from BrickSwag that sends out a box every month with mini LEGO sets, building challenges, a newsletter, and a ton of other fun LEGO-themed stuff, all on a subscription basis!

They sent us one to check out too and here’s what was inside:

brick builders club brick swag

Oh to be 9yo again! 🙂

It’s interesting to look closely at what’s included. Here are a couple of the trading cards:

lego brick builders club - brickswag - the trading cards

It might just be me, and I hate to sound like an overly anxious parent, but when did LEGO characters get cleavage? And when did the guys get cleavage? Ah, modern times…

Where this got more interesting was the Thanksgiving-themed assembly project of the month, to make a turkey ready to put on a tiny LEGO table. Here are the instructions and all the parts needed (both included):

lego brick builders club - brickswag - thanksgiving turkey project

I timed myself and it took me just about five minutes to go step-by-step through the (very clear!) instructions. The end result was pretty nifty, if I say so myself:

lego brick builders club - brickswag - thanksgiving turkey project DONE!

At about $20/mo if you buy a one-year subscription to the Brick Builders Club, I think this is a great present for the LEGO fan in your life whether they’re still in grade school or are perhaps a bit older. Check it out and see some of their other cool boxes at

Disclosure: BrickSwag sent me one month’s Brick Builder’s Club box to check out. I have since given it to a friend and neighbor who has young boys who are pretty darn obsessed with LEGO!


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