Life as a Single Dad on The Solo Parent Life Podcast

A few weeks ago I had a chance to spend some time talking with psychologist and family therapist Robbin Rockett, who hosts the terrific Solo Parent Life podcast. Our conversation ranged all over the place but also included a history of this blog, Go Fatherhood, including how my divorce was — and wasn’t — reflected here on the site.

We also talked at length about how judgmental other parents can be (and how hard that is as a parent blogger) and how I believe that society generally doesn’t support single fathers and our rather different journeys versus single moms. Another big topic: privacy, particularly children’s privacy when their parents post on social media and write about parenting!

We also discuss in the Podcast how on this particular site I try to write about parenting, rather than about my own specific experiences as a parent, and explore how my divorce has impacted all three of my children, ten years after we signed off on the papers and went our separate ways…

Please press the blue “play” button, listen, learn and enjoy.

I hope you’ll find it thought provoking too!

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You can learn more about Solo Parent Life on iTunes too!

One comment on “Life as a Single Dad on The Solo Parent Life Podcast

  1. Hello I’m a single dad raising my son who is nine and my daughter who is six. Their mom and I divorced, and she moved out of state. I have kids in counseling, tutoring and just recent visited psychiatrists for educational assessments. Recently on November 7, I had a job offer with an excellent relocation package; in which I accepted. My faith is strong, and I’m at peace but this relocation wasn’t planned! I have no contacts or resources in the new location, any suggestions with locating a nanny/sitter to help with school emergencies? By no means do I have it all figured out but I’m up for the challenge and can’t let my kids down. I’m planning to visit new schools next week and start the discussions.

    Any thoughts?


    T.L. James

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