Kids Lunches? Go Organically Fruit Snacks!

go organically fruit snacks, gmo free, gluten freeWe’re just a week or two away from school starting and in some areas the kids are already back to the daily grind. Which leads to the daily hassle in my house of school lunches. Many schools have a cafeteria and daily food menu, but my girl attends a smaller school that lacks those sort of resources, so every morning it’s time to scrounge together enough for her to eat and make it through the day.

We’ve gone around and around with lunches and she doesn’t seem to much mind missing lunch because she just mooches off other kids in the class (though she isn’t supposed to do that, of course). I pay attention to her eating habits, however, and I do mind her skipping meals because she rarely compensates with more healthy proteins and other options, but instead snacks her way through the day.

Problem is, lunches can be, well, unglamorous. I certainly remember my little metal lunch box with a sandwich, fruit and whatever else my Mum packed, but nowadays we have more choices, more options, and children have different expectations. Frankly, it’s more of a pain now than it was years ago!

Which is why I’ve already started to keep an eye out for healthy lunch options for my daughter. She packs her own lunch but having good options makes things go a lot more smoothly, so healthy snacks = win.

go organically fruit snacks

Enter Go Organically. The company reached out and asked if we’d be interested in trying out their healthy Vitamin-C filled fruit gummies and next thing I knew, three boxes were on the doorstep, one of each flavor: Tropica, Fruit Medley and Mixed Berry.

Before I could even begin to plan my review, however, all my kids had broken into the boxes and were eating the fruit snacks like they were popcorn.

go organically fruit snacks

“These are really delicious, Dad. Can we get more?” was the refrain.

As a parent, though, my concern was with ingredients, quality and health, and Go Organically has us covered with the GMO-free, gluten free and fully organic snacks that offer 100% of a day’s Vitamin C, 25% of Vitamin A and Vitamin E and only 70 calories (12g) per serving. Ingredients are complicated and non-vegetarian (gelatin) but nothing that gave me pause:

go organically fruit snack ingredients list

Made with real fruit, colored with real food-sourced colors, and no chemicals you can’t pronounce. Compare that to the “fruit leather” in the local supermarket if you dare. 🙂

Bottom line: they’re healthy, convenient, organic, and my daughter loves them. I think we have a winner. Now the challenge will just be to prevent her from taking a box each day and distributing them to her friends in a gesture of generosity!

You can learn more about the snack line – and get a $1 off coupon – at

Disclosure: Go Organically sent us samples for the purposes of this writeup.

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