Five Ways Dads Can Prepare for an Online Therapy Session

Let’s face it, this fatherhood thing isn’t easy. And sometimes it can feel impossible, with obstinate kids, a judgmental partner or ex and a boss that couldn’t care less about your home life and won’t cut you any slack. That’s why I support every Dad taking care of your own mental health, not just focusing on your children. Nowadays we have some really cool options for this too, notably online therapy and counseling. From the comfort of your own home computer or even your office. Here’s a smart article on how to prep for online therapy from BetterHelp that’s a good starting point…

betterhelp world's largest counseling platformIf you’re a dad who is struggling with your life, it’s a smart idea to go ahead and seek the assistance of a counselor or a psychotherapist. What might surprise you is that seeking the assistance of a counselor or a psychotherapist has become a convenient experience: All you have to do is schedule and participate in an online therapy session. It will help you deal with whatever you’re struggling with and make you happier and a better father both.

When you are about to start an online therapy session, there are few important steps that you should take to prepare yourself. If you’re unfamiliar with online therapy, here is a quick list of the best ways to prep for working with someone through online channels. Don’t discount the fact that it’s online, either: Online therapists are trained and credentialed professionals and are in a position to provide tremendous assistance to you. To maximize the benefit, prepare for your online therapy sessions.

1. Figure out your counseling goals

As the first step, you should identify your counseling goals. It is perfectly fine for you to take time ito figure out the specific issues or conflicts that you’d like to resolve with the assistance of a therapist. Your goals can also rotate around a variety of topics, including work, career, health, relational and emotional issues. When you are aware about your specific goals you’ll find it as an easier task to get assistance in an effective manner.

2. Get ready with a counseling journal

You should also get a counseling journal when preparing for the online therapy sessions. When you are going through the counseling session, you will come across problems and questions where you cannot give direct answers. Questions that you might want to reflect on later. That’s where a counseling journal will be able to assist you. You can either have a paper journal or an online journal which you access from your mobile phone. If you are a person who is concerned about privacy, you are strongly encourage to go ahead and utilize a password-protected online journal. That way, no other person will be able to gain access to your notes, thoughts, and revelations as your proceed with counseling.

betterhelp mission3. Make the online therapy session a private one

You really should find a private space for your online therapy sessions. Take the appropriate steps to ensure the entire therapy session is private. This will help you open up to the counselor, explain all the struggles that you are going through and answer any questions posed by them. This will contribute a lot towards accomplishing your therapeutic goals and producing positive results.

4. Establish boundaries around the therapy session

It’s perfectly fine to start by establishing boundaries around your therapy session. In other words, you need to wait before you share what you have been working on with the counselor. Resist the urge to seek the assistance of therapist and then immediately discuss your session with loved ones. When you have defined appropriate boundaries, you will be able to make progress without rushing into things. Slow and steady will help you get to root causes and really gain long-term benefit from your counselling.

5. Be ready to expose your innermost thoughts to the therapist

You should never hide anything from the therapist. You should be in a position to expose your inner thoughts, fears and conflicts during the therapy session. That will significantly increase the likelihood of ending up with positive results. As a result, it’s important that you create an appropriate mindset and be prepared to share your thoughts to the therapist before you start any online therapy session.

Now What?

These are some of the methods by which you can prepare yourself for online therapy. Seem useful? Ready to proceed? Then now’s the time to start looking for a reliable, professional online therapist who can help you achieve your goals. That’s where BetterHelp is able to assist you.

Online therapy company BetterHelp has built up a solid reputation by offering professional online therapy sessions for individuals in need. The private counseling services are being offered for fathers – and mothers and any other family member – at an affordable price. The goal is for you to be able to experience the benefits that come from a professional counselor without being stressed about cost and expense.

Finally, all private online counseling sessions by BetterHelp are offered by fully licensed counselors. There are also many other reputable online therapy providers you can read about online, of course. But if you’re facing challenges, don’t just sit and try to figure it all out by yourself. Give online therapy a try and see how much better your life can be. It’s one of the best investments that you can make towards a better future for you, your children and your partner.

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