We’re All Smelling Much Better with Native Products…

One of the more interesting facets of parenting is watching your children go through different phases of their personal hygiene. Little kids reject cleaning their teeth and won’t bath unless it’s fun and involves toys, clueless as to why everyone else shuns them (possibly a slight exaggeration). Later, the lazy teen years hit and they don’t do much in the way or morning or evening ablutions because, well, they’re tired and busy with other things. Then acne hits and suddenly there’s a great motivation to up their game with washing and general hygiene. My kids have all grown into the best phase, fortunately, where they pay close attention to their cleanliness on a daily basis. PHEW!

Of course, what this means is that we go through a lot of personal hygiene products, from bars of soap to toothpaste, deodorant to shampoo. It’s remarkable how much we consume, actually. We’re all also constantly searching for new, healthy and natural options too: All too many of the popular personal hygiene products have scary chemicals and other ingredients that actually aren’t very good for you at all. It’s another place where the rule of “if you can’t pronounce it, you probably don’t want it” applies, actually.

Enter Native and its line of natural soaps, deodorants and toothpastes. My daughter was raving about Native charcoal toothpaste so I reached out to the company and they sent us a huge box of product to check out. Which was fan-darn-tastic! And oh, those scents. I opted for Eucalyptus & Mint, while my girl couldn’t quite decide between Lavender & Rose and A Dozen Roses. So they sent ’em all:

native deodorant

Turns out they have quite a range of different scent combinations (though I will say that they tend more towards what I would describe as traditionally female scents, not a lot of more “masculine” combos if that’s your preference) and just this morning introduced Sandalwood & Vanilla too. Importantly, note that they are all paraben and aluminum free. I’ve long since learned that I have an allergic reaction to aluminum in my deodorant so avoid it at all costs. Super uncomfortable to have your armpits itchy!

Personal hygiene products are more complicated than just two or three ingredients mixed together – if nothing else than for shelf life – but I appreciate that Native lists its ingredients in big, easy to read print. Left to right that’s the soap bar, body wash and deodorant. None include aluminum, parabens, or sulfates, as you can see.

list of ingredients - native soap cleaner deodorant

Want to read the ingredients more closely? Check out the Native site for all the product ingredients! I did want to share the body wash ingredient list, because it’s darn interesting reading:

native body wash - ingredients list

Ojkay, so maybe “cocamidopropyl betaine” is a bit tricky to pronounce, but I definitely appreciate knowing what’s in the products I use on a daily basis, and my more environmentally conscious children appreciate it even more. Which leads me to the question: What’s in your soap? What’s in your deodorant?

And finally, about that charcoal toothpaste

native charcoal toothpaste

As you can see on the toothbrush, it looks rather terrifying, a shiny, opaque black. Rather more like an industrial grease for that curious steampunk machine in your basement, actually. But turns out that it not only tastes ridiculously good, but it does a remarkable job of whitening your teeth too. I noticed a visible difference in my teeth after a single cleaning, which was a bit startling. I totally get why my daughter loves this stuff and now our only problem is fighting over who gets the tube of toothpaste for their bathroom.

Update: My daughter won. I bought another tube for myself. Kids. 🙂

I’m really impressed with the products, the scents and most of all their attention to natural, quality ingredients. You can save lots of money buying the cheapest industrial products at You-Know-Where-Mart or similar, but do you really want to use that on your body every morning and evening? I sure don’t. So it’s great that companies like Native are offering up better, smarter and healthier alternatives. I say, check ’em out!

Disclosure: Native sent us a huge box full of products to try out in return for this writeup. Which was lovely of them. Thanks!

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